sean doore

Sean Doore (he/him) is a graphic designer, illustrator, and creative problem solver based in Brooklyn, New York.


Typeface Design 

Goose is My first dive into the world of typeface design. Created for my senior capstone.
Change Takes Courage

Editorial Design

A book about the unlikely rise of congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Each spread follows aspects of the congresswoman’s journey to becoming the progressive candidate that she is today.
Whats the Beef?

Editorial Design

These spreads were ones that were created to help progress in narrative spreads and mainly information graphic design.
AIGA: Get Out The Vote

Poster Design

This project tasked the designer in creating an attention grabbing poster to encourage young people to do their civic duty and vote. The poster has focus on the multiple voters rights acts from womans rights to vote all the way to every person in America getting the secured right to vote.


Editorial Design

This project is all about futura and its use over the years since it was created. It has all original body copy and goes deeper on ways the font have been used and misused.